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Re: Strike Nikkyo

Hi Ron,
I think I have a bit different understanding of kihon techniques. I don't think it is a place for henka waza (sequential chaining of techniques) -- if that what you meant in your replay. Form me henka waza is higher level and is teach separately. For this reason I see in kihon only 'one way' for uke => down, to unifie with tatami AFAP.
Surly, training of vertical dimension (up-down-up-down…etc) is important and have his place in aikido methodology, but kihon must be simple to be rich LOL.

Please don't call me sensei. After last weekend seminar with Sugano sensei I know I'm surly quite beginner -- that is my real feeling.
Concerning my travel to Walldorf, no news for the moment. May be september/october? But I bet my manager will tell me a date last moment as usual…………travel to Japan was big surprise to me, it was my first real vacation last five years.


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