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Re: Strike Nikkyo

I liked your further explanation Dirk, and I liked Mr. S's even better.

There are some Yoshinkan waza where uke is trying to escape after being brought to one knee during nikkajo, and shite follows up with large, quick steps to complete control and pin. I would not say the connection to uke is lost in that situation; simply that uke is handling the connection in a wise way in that instance, and is escaping. This is a kihon waza.

There are others where we allow uke to come up after a nikkajo to throw. Some involve uke blocking with his head, so the power can't go through, and lead to a reversal.

I'm not a big proponant in viewing kihon waza as situational training either. But to uncover some principles, you have to look at the possibility of uke being able to counter, move, reverse, escape. All of it good training....


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