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Re: Strike Nikkyo

Dirk Hanss wrote:
There is nothing to be sorry, Szczepan. I love your comments for being honest and competent, even if i do not agree with all of them.

Maybe I have not gone far enough in the DO to understand you totally, or my DO just is just a bit different from yours.

Just the explanation for our kihon-waza as far as I understood:
Kihon-waza is not realistic at all. It is just a sample of what-if examples to create a wide repertoire of techniques. So many parts are somehow artificial as karate-kata for example.

So I see this as the idea of "What if uke regains balance and continues to attack."
And if I recall the variations, we train, "let uke get up again", might be mistaken in order not to write a complete essay.

Nevertheless, the idea is to try many variations and find out, which one could be used in which situation. Some will be dropped, as they do not fit to my size or personality, come back later - or not. And then, in any situation, there should be something (instantaneously).

Is there anything wrong with this attitude?


I apologise to everyone for giving bad explanations for probably bad techniques. YOU SHOULD NEVER TRY TO LEARN TECHNIQUES BY THE WEB. It is difficult enough, to learn them on the mat.
So I'll tell you my opinion. First, kihon is not a heap with 'what-if' techniques. It is logically connected chain of movement to learn principles. If you ever in aikido look for 'what-if' techniques, IMO you are completely lost the WAY.

Second, if you let uke stand up, only aikido uke will stand up and wait for your next technique. Normal person will try do run out -> it means increase distance between you and him. So you will have to run after him. No connection at all.

Trained person will try to decrease distance to make counter and enter directly to your center to unbalance you. You will be in defensive and will have to work hard again to regain control. No connection at all.

In both cases, the only way to effective control is to maintain this control all the way, not give a slide chance to recovery.
It is matter of maintaining 'connection' from you center to uke's center using nikkyo lock. This way you can keep him all way off balance. Once you release this controlling connection, you create an opening, you own weakness. .


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