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Re: Mixing Aikido with other martial arts

New guy here.

What would y'all say to a schedule with...
Aikido 2x a week
Judo 1x a week
Taichi Daily

I've practiced them all separately at one time or another and found myself rotating through the list over the years.

Taichi offers great MA foundation, but generally lacks practitioners that want to explore the grosser applications.

The stand-up Judo practice always reminded me of a more robust push hands and through Aikido I actually get to do a lot of the joint locks and throws in the form.

The reasons why I tend to migrate from one to the other is probably obvious and is rooted in wanting to have it all I guess.

I suppose the drawback is the progress one would make in pursuing all these at the same time. But what I'm really after is a 'holistic' approach: internal training + external application.

Belts aren't important and likely one day I will do Taichi exclusively. But right now I want to make progress in the self-defense thing and keep the Taichi real too

any comments?
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