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Re: Punishing Uke

Hiroaki Izumi wrote:
If a novice is trying a technique and you allow the novice to complete the technique even though they are not doing the correct Kata, you may keep them from being frustrated but you are also helping them learn bad Kata.
I mostly agree, but to play the devil's advocate:
As I was told no one (living) aikidoka can do a correct (perfect) ikkyo, it seems as if a strong uke would never fall in your dojo, right?

The major reason to take ukemi voluntarily (if the technique is done sufficiently good for the level of nage)is that many novices tend to use force, if the technique does not work, and if they are strong enough, it works, though rather badly. So the next time,they use more force. And thus some create strong techniques, that only work, until uke is stronger.


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