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Re: Strike Nikkyo

Mathew McDowell wrote:
Ok, I am not an expert in terminology, but a hands on guy.
We have a shomen strike (power or no power) to the skull.
We enter and take yurami (josh help me) on the finger tips and proceed in tenkan motion to a vunrable position.

NOW from here is it best to position the nikkyo before stomping or sliding (yoshinkan) or (skipping in, like in ki aikido) or do we wait till we go to the ground to position nikkyo?(not apply nikkyo but position)??????????????
My stupid advice: do all versions, you can imagine until they work fine. Then find out in which position which one seems to be the best.

We do not do an extra nikyo in omote form - it is rather like ikkyo, but you are holding the hand the other way round. And the final pin is different. In ura form we usually start like ikkyo ura (tenkan) - then again the different hand grip. But in kihon waza we let uke try to get up again, do the nikkyo lock and again a tenkan to tak him down finally. If the first tenkan has enough kuzushi to bring uke to the ground and he is not willing or able to get up again, we just do the pin. But that is only strict kihon waza. Whenever conditions are different, the technique looks different.


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