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Re: Mixing Aikido with other martial arts

Jamie wrote:

Noone can disagree with that but to learn true self-defense or "combat" in 2-3 months for sure is not realistic even for the protege'.
Yes you can, we do it all the time with the Army Combatives program. Again, we are talking about a very limited scope of skills that can get you by in combat and also pretty much hold your own in general. It can be done. We teach a 40 hour a week period of instruction. So, for the average guy that does a couple of classes three times a week for an hour or two, this might take 9 months or a year.

Self defense and basic fighting, combat skills are not all that difficult to teach.

Matt McDowell wrote:

Without going to deep on the subject, BJJ, Jujuitsu or other complimentry arts. Dont go there until you master basics in Aikido!
I'd also say the exact opposite, don't go to aikido until you master BJJ!

I think it all depends on the individual, their abiities, time and goals. Also the instructor's abilities and quality.

True learning aikido can be a good base to understanding the principles of dynamic movement and center, balance and all will take you a long way into learning an art such as BJJ. But with a decent BJJ instructor you are doing these things already.

BJJ can tend to get to lean toward power, muscles etc...but done correctly it really is not much different from aikido.
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