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Hi Arianah,
of course it is valid, any response or reaction is valid. One of my points is that being frustrated is a choice. So you cannot really blame someone else when you choose to be frustrated over their actions because they do not meet up to your own expectations of how they should behave.

everyone has views on how to train as this thread shows very clearly, all views on how to train are based on personal experience. all experience is limited and in judging someone else actions you are claiming that your own limited experiences are more valid than someone elses.

my point in all this is... you cannot be effected by anyone any more than you choose to be. not very many people enjoy feeling frustrated... so why choose to?

From my persepctibe making a choice such as that is all about control. We become frustrated because others are not behaving in a way that we want them to, and so we become frustrated, we do not see that the only thing that we can control is our own choice within any given moment.

in order to get around these frustrations I simply acknowledge that I have no control over others, other than that which they believe that they give me. I remove my expectations and limited beliefs of how tat person will behave and find harmony with whatever they are doing.
there is no frustration because their is no judgement or conflict, there is only harmony and the experience of relating to that person in whatever form that takes.

that for me is aikido... what I do on the mat is just an art form that reflects these thoughts and actions and puts them in a form that people can absorb.

(can you tell I have nothing to do at work today?)

with love

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