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Re: Mixing Aikido with other martial arts

Hey everyone. As a fellow martial artist I have been practicing for about 15 years. Up until 2002 I had never practiced Aikido.I really enjoy Aikido, and I know it is effective in a fight. I spent 8 years in Taekwondo, and 9 years in Kenpo. Using what is appropriate for the actual situation will be more realistic, and practical. As we all know you don't use a knife in gun fight, but I do believe a level of zanshin, and I agree long term training is the key. Noone can disagree with that but to learn true self-defense or "combat" in 2-3 months for sure is not realistic even for the protege'. Someone might be proficient in their respective art, but to actualize it is another. I have been an instructor, in both Taekwondo, and Kenpo and in no way do I make my students believe the art they learn is invincible, because we are all human, and can experience pain, unless you are Tank Abbott, or just plain numb. I see alot of people that train and think they are invincible, and have a false sense of security. My advice is be humble, use your mind first.

Regards Jamie
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