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Read through the posts and thought I'd join in on the whole talking versus silence debate.
not going to argue for either side.

I can see value in all types of training, to say that one way is less effective than another or to say that there should be no teaching on the mat other than sensei can be a bit of an extremist view.
but also a valid view if that is how you wish to train.

My point is, in watching we learn, in listening we learn, in doing we learn, in teaching we learn.

why limit the tools that we can use to progress?

if someone is telling you how to do something then why not allow them? they are doing themselves more benifit than you usually anyway. I sometimes encourage lower grades to teach me technique just so they can break it down in their heads and verbalise it and have to understand it. there are so many tools for learning.

another point...
we all have a choice in how to react to anything. if we expect to train in silence or in a certain way and our partner does not behave in that way then our expectations are not met and we tend to react emotionally.. get angry, frustrated etc.
if we remove the expectation then we can find harmony with every training partner and every moment. isnt that the aiki way?

in randori if we expect a certain attack then we limit ourselves to certain movement. the attack does not come and we get hit and hurt, if we remove expectation then we can blend and find harmony with all attacks. by applying this to our life, removing expectations of people we remove judgements of how they behave and we allow ourselves acceptance of all, realising our own choice in how we react and that we cannot be to blame for someone elses choice of reaction.

if we continue to say.. this is right, this is wrong... we get no where, we continue to judge and so get hurt. right and wrong are not absolute, they are defined individually through our own limited experiences, if we had different experiences then we would have different values. so why hold onto them when they are so limited? they create resistance and conflict with others limitations.

let go of right and wrong, understand that the resistance is a choice and find harmony with all.
or dont, it is your choice and i will not judgeyou for it, just find harmony with you

(how did I get all that from a teaching on the mat post? i'll end my monologue)

with love

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