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Picking Your Training

slider7 wrote:
Hi everyone

Just in case you don't know, I started aikido last week. I think it is fascinateing and unlike many other martial arts.

However, I heard about Shorinji Kempo and found info on the internet about it. Apparently, it has the throws, locks and many techniques like aikido and does concentrate a lot on defending rather than attacking. Its philosophy seems v.similiar & appealing like aikido.

However, it also has punches and kicks that are different and more effective than say karate - it uses pressure points. This makes me consider takeing up Kempo as opposed to aikido, there is a dojo near me.

I am not sure what to do. I would be grateful for some input, perhaps people whom have tried kempo and aikido or just anyone who has an opinion on which they think is better.

Nasewd on what you want from training you make your decision. It is my feeling that you first shop for a teacher. Yes, I am an Aikido guy. But I am sure that had I found a teacher of classical martial arts or Jeet Kun Do or Kali that was on a par with Saotome Sensei I would have been happy.

Shorinji Kenpo has a deep philosphy and is great training. But you are happy with your Aikido so why worry. Find a teacher and an art an MAKE A COMMITMENT. Don't sit around and worry about whether there is a better art or a better teacher around the corner that you haven't found yet.

The first art you do will be the foundation of all lyour later training. Pick one that you can do for a long time and get good at it. Later you can do some sampling and have the knowledge to beneft from it. I can't tell you haow many people I get who come and and are green belts in everything. They have jumped around and dabbled here and there and the know nothing.

My advice is to find a teacher about whom you can say "I'd like to be like him (or her); that's the kind of person I want to model after." A great teacher of any art is better than a poor teacher of a great art.

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