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Re: Mixing Aikido with other martial arts

Jorge Garcia wrote:
I am 50 years old and have never been attacked by a BJJ person, a Karate person or a Wing Chun person.
Ahh but you see, as a requirement of my bjj training, I have to find and attack random people on th street every day. We are barbarians you know!

But seriously, that is a good point. Most people will never be attacked. But the question comes: Why do so many martial art instructors (aikido suffers this as well) make such a big deal about the self defense portion of their art, if self defense is really not a concern? Shouldn't we tell these people to go get some stun gun training? If somone goes into the majority of dojo's in america and tells the sensei they are there for self defense, they will usually be told that their art can make you invincible (more of less). This is why we see hundreds of people who seem to think they are invincible because they study aikido, or TKD, or BJJ. If self defense is a major concern, then it should be addressed to the highest level, including an attack by chuck norris, bruce lee, and helio grace at the same time.

- Don
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