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Re: Mixing Aikido with other martial arts

IMO, it is not the trained martial artist in the world that you have to worry about, it is the guy that is not trained, but knows how to seize the advantage and exploit your weakness that is your concern.

Having trained this way on occasion I can tell you that my 12 plus years of martial arts training did not amount to much once I was at the disadvantage.

In some scenarios I died, in others I was able to turn the tables. Situational training is a unique perspective on things and frankly is not really a way to train unless you are have indentified a risk in a particular area that has a high probability of occuring.

You cannot prepare for every type of situation you will incur. At best I think you can prepare you mind to act appropriately and do what you do out of habits developed. It might require you to die a noble and respectful death and have the people you left behind reflecting on the positive impact you left on the world. It might have you surviving, turning the tables and living to tell the story on another day. Budo prepares us adequately in that way, but I don't really believe it will do much to prepare for an actual assault.

In the military we spend our lives really training, learning the skills of our trade, learning how to be leaders, followers, learning how to follow a code of values and respect. We spend time with our families in our communities and generally being good citizens (most of at least!). When the time comes for us to fight, we use that preparation and life we have led, put it aside, do what we have to do. It might see us in a bad situation, or a good situation. We may find we were trained well, or we might find we did not do enough, or we may make a mistake.

Budo is really about the same thing.

Situational training is fine, but being a warrior or a budoka requires much more than learning a few effective skills if you want to survive HOLISITICALLY.
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