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Re: What exactly is an independent dojo?

David Valadez wrote:
Just a quick note to say I can't swallow this idea that isolation leads stagnation and that broad exposure leads to deep insight and/or meaningful progress. I believe the opposite to be true.
I understand you points of view. However, my point is that if you are not expanding your knowledge by participating with the rest of the aikido world your options for development are limited. Especially if you are not being mentored by someone of greater knowledge. Sure, you can expand your knowledge by buying tapes and reading books and experimenting with what you see. I do that all the time. Sometimes it helps me move in the right direction, sometimes not. This same issue, to me at least, can become a problem when you isolate yourself purely under one umbrella or instructor as well. You are exposed to only that perspective. Your instructor may be providing you with everything you need and that is all good. However, you are limited by that base of knowledge unless you push the envelope by yourself.
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