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Re: What exactly is an independent dojo?

David Yap wrote:
I just heard that one of our local dojo affiliated with Aikikai had declared itself as an independent dojo and I believe that it is the first and only independent aikido dojo in my country.

What exactly is an independent dojo? My brief understanding of the term "independent" is that the organisation or instructor concerned is non-affiliated to anyone or body (i.e. Aikikai or others) and it/he/she runs the organisation/dojo according to its/his/her objectives including setting the syllabus and gradings and issuing of ranks including dan grades.

Any independents out there care to enlighten me on the variations to my understanding above.


Hello David,

I have read through this thread and would like to establish one point. Was there any aikido in Malaysia before Mr Jun Yamada came and established the Aikikai Malaysia in Kuching, Sarawak? At the present time I believe that there are four groups in Malaysia recognised by the Aikikai. It is perhaps indelicate to ask this, but am I right in thinking that the four Aikikai groups, and any other groups that practise aikido that is recognisably Aikikai, are offshoots of Mr Yamada's original organization?

P A Goldsbury
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