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Re: Mixing Aikido with other martial arts

Grant Wagar wrote:
I think cross training or exposure to other martial arts will help an Aikido student defend themselves better against someone who may be proficient in said martial arts. It's one thing to defend yourself against a wild untrained"punch but I figure it's another story to defend yourself against someone who knows what their doing.
I am interested in the concept that some in the martial arts world seem to have, that they really need to train themselves up against 'the skilled attacker'. Who are all these trained martial artists that go around attacking innocent bystanders?

If you want to 'spar' with someone from another MA with aikido then perfect your aikido and see how well you can make it work against the different types of attack thrown at you. A long term project for sure, but worth it as in the end you will at least be profficient in 1 art.

A fight is not sparring, aikido used for real in a fight has no rules, if your aikido is good enough, the chances are you will come out of it fairly well. Reading Shioda Sensei's book Aikido Shugyo helped me appreciate this.

If anyone wants self defence in three months, aikido is not the art for you. I'm not sure what is in that short a time frame. And any art that gives an over inflated sense of confidence, could lead folk into standing and fighting when other options would be wiser.

The confidence to be effective with aikido can take a long time. But hey, that's just the nature of the art. Does any other MA out there invite as much 'missunderstanding' about it's effectiveness.

I totally agree with Dennis Hookers post, particularly in relation to good Scotch!!
Don't mix Aikido with other martial arts there is nothing wrong with it as it is. If you have competent instruction your Aikido should be fine, like a fine single malt scotch it does not mix well with stuff, you just ruin the scotch.
Fine malt whiskey takes many years to develop, every last drop should be savoured. Aikido is similar.
In fact sitting sipping a good scotch after aikido practice induces the finest if internal glows. While you are doing this, you can ponder away to your hearts content

Just a few thoughts,


p.s. it's early in the day..I haven't been drinking!

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