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Re: What exactly is an independent dojo?

What is an independent dojo?

We are an independent dojo. Check out the link below - in the signature.

We could never run the program we do in a federation - simply impossible. In short, and personally, I see it as: for some there is the temple and/or the temple system, and for others only a hut will do. We are a hut - or try to be a hut. Anyone can join us, anyone can leave - any time, and for any reason - returning whenever, however. Temples have always had the walls - not huts.

Historically, the thing with such huts is that they have never equated insulation with stagnation. I do not either. In fact, such huts have always associated isolation with penetration (i.e. insight) - institutional support and broad exposure with superficiality. I think this has been the case in martial arts history as well - penetration comes from insulation (or near insulation), not from broad exposure. The latter idea has only gained prominence fairly recently, in my opinion. Nevertheless, it remains a tough argument to sell if one really thinks about it. Why? Because when you think about it, things like seminars and camps can really only touch the most superficial aspects of the art - that's probably always been true, and that's why there probably has always been huts. Just a quick note to say I can't swallow this idea that isolation leads stagnation and that broad exposure leads to deep insight and/or meaningful progress. I believe the opposite to be true.


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