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Re: Mixing Aikido with other martial arts

Hey guys.

Lots of awesome points and perspectives. I'm big on seeing something from more than one point of view and I think this thread is a good example of how seeing something from a different perspective gives you a new way of looking at things.

I know I had my questions answered.

Just to clarify and sum up my points- The main reason I was asking about other martial arts was due to the possibility that I may not get to practice Aikido as much as I wanted to

I got side tracked with debating (somewhat over my head) the effectiveness of Aikido in self-defense and with limited exposure (IE my orange belt). Kevin I think you knew where I was coming from looking at the whole thing from a military limited-time need fast results perspective. There is still a good argument for sticking solely with Aikido as well, it's up to the individual in the end I figure.

Just a point about that. I think cross training or exposure to other martial arts will help an Aikido student defend themselves better against someone who may be proficient in said martial arts. It's one thing to defend yourself against a wild untrained"punch but I figure it's another story to defend yourself against someone who knows what their doing.
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