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Re: What exactly is an independent dojo?

Budd Yuhasz wrote:
Agreed, but again, I think that happens both inside and outside of independent groups -- and likely had more to do with the dojo/instructor than belonging (or not) to an organization.
Absolutely right. I am somewhat of an Aikido gypsy that trains 'around' a lot. Currently, I train with an ASU affiliated club and I also train with Budd at the Itten dojo on occasion as well as attend seminars with other groups when I can. Stagnation can occur in any environment where new and different things are not encouraged.

I like the deep resources that an affiliated dojo can bring to your training, and I also like the opportunity to explore some of the unique perspectives and quality instruction that can be found in an independent dojo; which can be found at the Itten dojo. Bottom line is that you make the most of whatever training you are involved in at the given moment. If it gets to the point of stagnation, it may just be you and not necessarily the dojo.

Greg Steckel
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