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Boy, tell me about it. At my kendo dojo,it is basically accepted that "Wives/Girlfriends just don't get Kendo!!!!" For one fellow, it is always a stuggle to come to class because his wife hates it. He says that sometimes he even has to bribe her with a gift of some sort if he wants to go practice at one of the other local dojo on a day that isn't his "regular" pracrice day. Another guy keeps dumping girlfriends because they are always down on kendo. My own fiance gives me a hard time too. Whenever I am gonna go to kendo. "Stay with me," she says sweetly. I insist on going, and I do end up going, but it has usually gone from "stay with me," to fine, do what you want.I mean, she isn't totally unsupportive just less that I would like.
I have another friend at a local Karate school, well his wife hates it and always does everything possible to discourage him from going. The worst part of this is that he is a junior instructor, and so is responsible for teaching a couple classes durring the week. Guilt trips, dropping him off late on purpose, just leaving him with their daughter so it is inpossible for him to go. Oh its terrible.
I say, try to get your mate involved in the dojo. Not necassarily a member. even if you can get her to hang out with your friends from the dojo for a beer at the local watering hole, I think it will help because then she will at least know these people, and it may be harder for her to reject them for you.
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