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Re: Pain in aikido?

As we see, people have different points of view on pain in aikido. Most of the time, it is dictated by the way they are trained in their dojos. I would say, that our training should picture a real life situation, where we are not willing to hurt our opponent. It also means not to cause any pain. It is a little paradox, isn't it? Yes, in aikido we are using ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo and yonkyo which can be very painful if they are performed in a certain way. Let's think about it. For instance, sankyo. Using Dirk Hanss's citation: "when uke is on his toes" - we do not need to add anything more. Just to throw him. This is the key. Uke raised his body without feeling any pain, just imagining what would happend if he resisted. Not only uke, but your opponent would act in the same way.
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