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Re: Mixing Aikido with other martial arts

fair enough Jorge.

I probably did not explain what I meant well enough. I am referring to traditional aikido methods as commonly practiced in most dojos. The type that Dennis Hooker refers to. I am focusing solely on the methodology and effciency of teaching. There are better, more efficient methodologies out there that can bring you up to speed faster than traditional aikido methods. I can offer plenty of evidence as I have experienced this myself.

Training with my instructors, they had the answers that you talk about too in aikido, it is not about the skill or techniques, or answer that are lacking, simply the methodology of transmission. The "bridging the gap" is what I am talking about. In my experiences, if you are solely concerned with specific issues of fighting and combat, there are better models.

That is all I was really trying to say. Not that aikido is incomplete or has a inability, just not the most efficient model.
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