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Re: Mixing Aikido with other martial arts

Dennis Hooker wrote:

Kevin, I have read some of your postings and I do not believe you are one of the people I was talking about. Those people as self delusional and I don't see that in you at all.
Thank you, I apprecitate it from someone as honest and experienced as you!

Sorry I did not mean to imply that you were focusing on me. It never crossed my mind! It is a self label as I certainly fit that mold! I do, however, think (maybe I am deluded???), that I am not one of those guys either!

This is a very, very interesting subject to me though. Last summer when I was home, Mike Lasky and I had a small conversation concerning aikido and it's parochialism and the line you walk between tradition, and customs, and how the Japanese influence in areas such as ettiquette and politeness can influence the art and distance it from criticism and outside influences.

As I am not a sensei or instructor, I am some what out of place commenting on this, but it is important for our leaders in aikido to provide answers and guidance to students in this area. I think sometimes many instructors probably have been too institutionalized in the art of aikido to provide wisdom in this area. It was NOT the case for my instructors. In my first month of Aikido, Saotome sensei answered it in a very interesting way that sold me on staying the course, although it has been difficult at times to see things properly over the years!

Thanks again for your comments and respect Dennis!
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