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Re: Mixing Aikido with other martial arts

This isn't the first thread on mixing martial arts, so please check through other threads, you might find them helpful. My belief is that training in multiple martial arts can be confusing; some people can do it, some people can't do it. If you are one of the people that can train and separate different martial arts, God bless you.

I find it interesting that we consider "cross-training" in martial arts that the founder trained in while creating aikido. Many of the early shihan had competent fighting skills before beginning aikido, and many of the best aikido people today came to aikido after other martial arts or training. Yet we look away from aikido to provide basic knowledge of fundamental fighting skills to students. I believe part of the search for other training is related to a degenerating curriculum of basic skills in aikido that require students to find other training to satisfy their needs.

Therefore, I believe the question first should be "Why do I feel I am missing something from my aikido training?" before you ask if you should train elsewhere...
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