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Dennis Hooker
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Re: Mixing Aikido with other martial arts

Don't mix Aikido with other martial arts there is nothing wrong with it as it is. If you have competent instruction your Aikido should be fine, like a fine single malt scotch it does not mix well with stuff, you just ruin the scotch.

Now that is not to say you should not practice other arts, I believe you should, I do and have for over 40 years. They help me develop a better me and that helps my Aikido. Be careful you do not start confusing that other stuff with your Aikido. This is a big problem now days. Incompetent instruction leaves people lacking in skill and feeling inadequate and so they compensate by adding stuff and pretty soon you got Real Aikido or Aikido for the Street or Combat Aikido or some such crap because it just takes to long and to much commitment to get the real stuff. The biggest problem is homogenization and not studying more than one art at a time. Many of us have chosen Aikido because we believe it transcends the other arts. Many of us come well prepared with martial art and military experience. We have spent decades training with Shihan level instruction. The base arts that were the physical foundation to, and gave rise to, Aikido are still around. No matter how hard some people want you to believe it those arts are not Aikido on steroids. Some people study Aikido for 5 or 10 years (or less) under mid level instruction and believe they are authorities on Aikido however when their diluted Aikido breaks down they seek quick patches to the problems and pass on that on to students they shouldn't be teaching in the first place. These patches generally come from other arts they study because they are at hand and they are sometimes things they do well. Because they want to make people think they do Aikido well they call these patches Aikido. The bastardization of Aikido continues.

So in conclusion I say study other arts but don't mix them. That does not do credit to any of the arts.

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