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Re: Mixing Aikido with other martial arts

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Mark Murray wrote:

Hi Mark,

You are correct you don't need to go to any other art to round out your training in aikido. That said, there are other perspectives and methodologies on the same theme that can enhance your skills in budo in general. It depends on your interest, as you state, and your goals.

No one martial art can answer every question or accomplish every goal of the student. Budo is a individual endeavor that each of us must figure out how to proceed. But, you are correct, nothing here that anyone has said, IMO, should equate to aikido being incomplete. Aikido can be complete for some, and not for others.
Hi Kevin,
Agreed. To paraphrase one of my instructors when asked what the best martial art was, he would reply something along the lines of Whichever one you love or are good at.

Budo is a lifelong personal journey and can encompass either one art or multiple ones. Aikido is one of the core arts for me in Budo. My cousin's choice is JKD. Which goes right along with your last sentence.

But, if you throw in a time-frame of say 3 months to get a very good grasp on realistic self-defense, how many would put Aikido on the list?

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