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Re: Mixing Aikido with other martial arts

Jorge Garcia wrote:
Maybe what I'm trying to say is that it frustrates me the way we so glibly start recommending a combining of arts without realizing that couldn't possibly be the answer to Grant's situation. I will,say that if Grant can find an art that will train him in more than one style of fighting, take that but don't take three arts! At least not for the purpose of added proficiency because I submit that if you become proficient on one of those, you will drop proficiency in Aikido and probably never realize it because you can't know what you never found out.

In short, I say take a martial art you can believe in and leave Aikido out if you think it lacks what you need. The art of Aikido is in danger of being lost if we use it as one of three or four choices for raw self defense. Train in the arts for their character enriching and transformative features and learn some self defense in the long haul. In the short haul, a gun will work but just being alert, staying out of dangerous places and working to stay out of trouble will do a lot better for you than any three or four martial arts combined.
Reading further, I think I mistook the original question. But my answer was in regards to complimenting aikido and not adding to it. In other words, what martial arts would not diametrically oppose Aikido training. What martial arts would not detract from Aikido training. Sort of that kind of complimenting.

I do agree with what you state above.

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