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Re: Mixing Aikido with other martial arts

Mike Sigman wrote:
I've taken a number of martial arts that were supposedly good and complete martial arts. If I got beat in some engagement, I usually figured it was because I didn't know the martial art that well, I wasn't in good enough strength-shape, etc.,.... I never had the idea that the martial art I spent so much time choosing was lacking in something that I could only get somewhere else. Weird to see so many people suggesting other arts for self-defense. How about "get stronger and learn more Aikido"?

Hi Mike,
The more I progress in Aikido, the more I realize that it is (or can be) a total and complete martial art. You don't have to go to BJJ or MMA to "round out" your training.

But I am starting on other training because it is something that is interesting to me not because I think it'll fill in any gaps in my Aikido training. In fact, I think my aikido training will actually help me a lot in my kali training.

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