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Re: Contributing Membership "Pledge Drive"

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I haven't been able to update this thread over the past several days, as I have been out of town.

So far, we have had 12 new contributing members for $95.40 and $70 in donations (with some people now donating and being or becoming a contributing member!) for a grand total of $165.40 towards the AikiWeb hardware fund. That leaves $334.60 towards our goal of $500 to cover recent hardware costs for AikiWeb. We're trying to meet that goal by June 16th. If you enjoy what AikiWeb has to offer, please consider chipping in.

Again, there are two ways to help:

1) Become a contributing member by going to the following URL:

2) Send in a donation for AikiWeb by going to the following URL:

I really do appreciate everyone's support and contributions so far! Thank you to everyone who has helped.


-- Jun

Please help support AikiWeb -- become an AikiWeb Contributing Member!
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