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Re: Aikido as an alternative to judo kata?

Michael Fooks wrote:
Hey Bob, good to see you floating around Aikiweb again.
I trained judo and Aikido very briefly and personally found that the footwork got in the way of each other. Having said that I only did it for a few month and it may well have sorted itsefl out over time. Plenty of people do both successfully so that's my bet. The question really lies around whether once a week will do the job or just distract you. I'd say that'll come down to your individual learning style, and the particular styles of Aikido and Judo that you create. IOW only you can asnwer the question having tried it for a while.

Yes that means I have been no help whatsoever '-)
LOL. Thanks Michael - long time no see

(and thanks all!)

I have some stuff to ponder over

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