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Re: Poll: Which quality would you rather see in your own aikido?

Maybe... my personal experience is that soft alone isn't all that strong. I'm quite soft, and it generally works well, even with partners who are attacking fairly strongly, but there's also a clear point where my softness will just collapse under the pressure so to say, if the pressure is high enough.

In daily life this works very well for me, i generally feel very free and comfortable in my own body, which is a wonderful feeling. But for dealing with physical attacks above a certain level of intensity it doesn't always work.

Hmm. I just realized that I might be thinking about softness in a different context than you guys. If were talking about how soft or strong a technique feels to uke...well I still wouldn't know what to answer. The best techniques I've felt didn't feel either soft nor strong. I couldn't feel them at all.

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