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Nick Pagnucco
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Re: Beginners with delusions of grandeur...

Mark Freeman wrote:
Where is the Sensei in all of this Nicholas? Surely he/she is the logical step to a resolution.
Well... a few things.
First, the instructor for that class couldn't show up that day, so the person in charge was the 1st kyu. But this really isn't something I'd lay at his feet.

Second, I was over-reacting. The 5th kyu wasn't doing anything THAT bad (he was attacking earnestly, allbeit not perfectly or in the way I would have preferred), but it was getting under my skin. "Beginners with delusions of grandeur" is definitely a spectrum, with some people more gray than others, some more tolerable than others. The guy I talked about is definitely on the spread, but he's not as bad as one could be. My over-reacting carried over to how I described it in my post here.

Third, I was handling it more or less the way I am supposed to (at least in my dojo in what we call a circle class): keep moving and figure out how to manage. I just wasn't in the mood to do that cheerfully b/c my test techniques weren't going smoothly. If he was doing something clearly wrong, the 1st kyu would have definitely jumped in to correct things.

DOnt get me wrong: it wasn't the most fun I ever had at practice, I think the beginner I talked about needs to change his orientation a bit, and in retrospect I perhaps should have said something. But it wasn't nearly as bad as something things people have described on this thread.
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