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Re: "Tricky" energy and the committed attack

This is something that bothers me too, but it is common in a lot of japaneese arts. I've heard karate instructors telling their students one hit, one kill. I personally could see drunks in bars throwing haymakers, but usually their is a pushing/posturing area between there and the punch. That would be the time to 'difuse' the attack either mentally or phyiscally. I personally would like to see more aikido work to handle the 'bum rush' attacks I see in lots of bar fights where one man rushes the other with the intent of picking him up and slamming him into the next hardest thing before punching him.

But yes, once the fight is on, a trained fighter will balance himself and be wary of commited attacks without proper setup. In theory, aikido should not realy on the commited attack, but your sense of timing and distance to take his balance. For example an entering motion while your opponent jabs (of course if your timing isn't perfect he is going to 'track' you and your getting hit) could allow you to be right next to your opponent and in a position where he will have to move to contine hitting you. Then you could throw him, or use any hard style training you might have to knock the crap out of him. Personally, once the 'fight' starts, I'll use my striking, clinching, and judo throws which are more forgiving then aikido techniques if you make a mistake.

- Don
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