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Re: Ikkyo from the guard

That's pretty Cool! three in one day! wow.

It is hard to describe, but if you can picture your opponent securing the collar across the other side with one leg passed, up on his shoulder. Normally I try and do other things such as a triangle.

Anyway, next time you are doing it...look at where his arm is. If he is passing say with left arm, with your right leg up on his his passing arm that is securing your collar at the elbow...shrimp your hips out slighly to the right, while lifing a lilttle on his elbow, once your hips are out his base is gone. It feels funny and not instinctual as your leg is up there on his shoulder. the supporting the elbow creates space, you can then place your other hand on his arm and re-adjust into classic ikkyo. As he moves to control, you can "roll" the ikkyo and he will lose his base and of foward, you leg will come down off the shoulder as you move into a based out turtle. As he continues to gain balance back, you keep moving through into the ikkyo. If he bails and decides to turn and face you, you can hip out, circle around and go for the mount or an arm bar!

I really need to video tape this one! Maybe I will this week if I have time!
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