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Ikkyo from the guard

Wasn't sure where to post this...but seems appopriate to do it in "off the mat" since I was doing this in a non-aikido context.

Anyway, this week when training in my guard work (BJJ). I was reading Grappling Magazine and there was an article from Kid Peligro about controlling the guard.

Here is how it works. When your opponent slips one hand under your leg and cross collars you to pass, your leg is up on his shoulder. Normally I try a triangle choke at this point and get passed, or try for a leg sweep by reaching under.

What I found was that Kid Peligo showed that you control at the elbow and as he goes to stack and pass you lift up and slip your leg back into the guard under the elbow.

I saw that and tried it. Well what do you know! Ikkyo is right there!

So I modified it and now when I get passed a put my hands in classic ikkyo position, shift hips back the other way and you have ikkyo!

If you can shrimp out a little while holding ikkyo and turn turtle a little, and keep control, uke will go right over your back and you can take him right on down into the mount or other type of arm bars depending on his response.

It is not a failsafe...but it did add more options to my looks just like classic ikkkyo which is rare in BJJ!

I wish I could produce a video to show you is really kinda cool!
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