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Re: Punishing Uke

Ah! Back to the topic of resistant uke.

There is a very blurr line between a constructive resistant uke and a non-constructive uke. You resist too hard and you are labelled an a@@hole. You do not resist hard enough, you are labelled a limp fish. Sometimes your resistant level is the same, but partnering with different uke, you will be labelled as such anyway. It seems no matter what we do, uke seems to be always wrong. It does seem that uke must be a psychic and able to read the mind of the tori to match the level of intensity.

In many aikido school, kata or waza practice is the most common method form of learning a technique. Please remember that a waza/kata is just a tool for learning, you are not there to shiai or win medals. Just do the technique and take the opportunity to learn. Waza is not the place to compete or to be seen as place to test your technique ala "t3h str33t" effectiveness.

Randori or jiyu-waza is the place for testing your "str33t effectiveness". This is also the place where uke is allowed to come to attack in any form he wishes or those determined by the sensei, this is the place where tori is allowed to transition, atemi, etc to work on their fighting skills.

My advise to potential uke is there will be time to test "str33t effectiveness" but waza / kata practice is not the place nor time to do that.

My advise to tori is if you are looking to hone your fighting skill, do randori or jiyu waza and do lots of it.

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