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Re: Aikido as an alternative to judo kata?

I probably shouldn't reply because I have no real judo experience, but considering the similar natures of Aikido and Judo, it seems to me they would compliment each other quite nicely.
I was tossed around like a rag-doll by a former olympic-level judoka, and when he was saying I did the technique "better" (it was still pretty weak) Sensei said I was using too much muscle. I think the difference was that the judoka was looking for me to generate more force than I was in trying to move him, while Sensei was trying to get me to move him more easily. Of course, I personally have no real knowledge of who had the better advice, but by all accounts I've heard Sensei knows his stuff, so I'm inclined to think Aikido would be a good way of making one's coordination better while lessening the demand for muscle.

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