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Re: Randori, Sempai and experiences

Devils advocate:

I'm unclear on what you mean Amir

Why is resistance "bad"?

Is it "bad" that he resisted, or is it "bad" that you got angry because he resisted? And even if it is bad(tm), it seems you learnt something from it, without any injury to the parties involved? Why is that bad? (Unsettling, distrubing, a shake up - sure)

Say, did you get a chance to talk to the other fellow after the event - what were his thoughts?

May I also ask - how did this feel abusive to you - ie: do you feel it broke some unspoken contract between the two of you? Or something else?

Feel free not to answer any or all of these - just trying to clarify (mostly for myself, as I've encountered similar situations. Not trying to second guess or preach

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