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Aikido as an alternative to judo kata?

Hello all - long time no see

Fate seems to have rekindled my interest in aikido. I posted this over at the judo forum but would also be keen to read your responses.

I've been practicing judo for 4-5yrs now. For the past 18months, I've been training at a 'competitive' club. My judo has become stronger and more sudden. Sadly (I think) it has also become 'too muscular'. Personally, I don't like this trend.

Judo has some very aikido-esque kata's in it. Primarily nage-no-kata. I had the good fortune of experiencing some kata training a while back. My most distinct memory was 'wow - this feels exactly like aikido'.

Sadly, I am no longer able to train judo katas (no kata partners).

Suppose I wanted to explore the benefits of such "kata practice" (eg: developing kuzushi, not muscling things etc).

In your opinion, would 1 day a week of aikido confer similar benefits?

Bear in mind that aikido is not judo - so perhaps it would be detrimental?

I'm taking this from the p.o.v. of a kata alternative, not necessarily as a method of learning aikido per se. Though, of course, I have interested in aikido.

Oh - and FWIW - I in trained yoseikan aikido for about 6months almost...what...3yrs ago, with a few more recent dabbles inbetween (ie: at judo seminars). My aikido experience is not that recent nor that great.

What do those who have done similar things think?
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