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Re: Randori, Sempai and experiences

Mark Freeman wrote:
Hi Ron,

I don't suppose we'll ever know the answer to that one without speaking directly to those involved.

My take on it is that it didn't matter that much as Ueshiba demonstrated by throwing them anyway.

To me they look as if they are not resisting in the films that I have seen, but that doesn't mean that they didn't resist at all. Maybe they 'had' been resistant and found that it was not to their advantage.


Yes, I think daily training has nothing to do with demo for film purpose. Every time when new student wanted to join a dojo, Founder asked him to attack with all his skills --- this is very know story. I suppose it was possible cos he did a lot of things BEFORE contact, and such approach eliminate almost completly possibility of resistance.

Fully resistant uke's tend to go down like a 'ton of bricks' the tension they create by resisting tends to transfer to the floor
Only when he is very beginner. Advanced attackers don't go down at all, you go down very quickly

I agree with Ron, if technique is well done, uke can't resist or counter even if he wants to. It is matter of control time/space around you rather then attacker.

I am coming to think part of the problem was this was supposed to be en-randori, not full resistance fighting exercise, and it became the latter rather then the first.
So you did let him dictate you the conditions where he was most confortable (full resistance fighting exercise).??


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