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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Randori, Sempai and experiences

Yes, it does tend to strengthen the connection to the point were that energy has to go somewhere. But that outcome is NOT the point. Let me ask again...

were Ueshiba Sensei's uke's *not* resisting, or were they **unable** to resist? And doesn't that make a rather large difference?

The **process** of training correctly is what I'm trying to focus on. If that **process** (competing, not competing, resisting, not resisting, relaxed, not relaxed, etc.) is correct, the correct results will follow. If the process is not correct, you may occationally get pleasing results...but that does not mean that you are going down the correct path.

Ron (I'm being picky here because I've been down bad paths that had seemingly good results...until I learned better, that is...)

Ron Tisdale
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