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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Randori, Sempai and experiences

Strangely enough, my instructor was focusing on getting me to put uke in a position where they **can't** resist last night. When he threw me, he specifically told me to resist, so I relaxed, sunk my root, tried to be immovable. Some how he stretched me right out of my root, took my balance, and gently tossed me away.

Thing is, if I hadn't resisted, I wouldn't have gotten the point (not sure I do get the point, since I'm still puzzling over just what he did). At the same time, I do understand the paradigm that Mark speaks of. The question for me is...were Ueshiba Sensei's uke's *not* resisting, or were they **unable** to resist? And doesn't that make a rather large difference?


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