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Re: Randori, Sempai and experiences

Why not point any 'resistant' uke's in the direction of the many video clips of O Sensei working with his students, pre or post war it doesn't matter. Of all the footage I have seen, none of the uke's are 'resistant' in any way, they all follow the technique and escape accordingly. The look supple and strong to me. They went on to become the first generation of teachers to take aikido out into the wider world.
IMHO if O Sensei's students didn't practice in a resistant way, why is anyone else trying to do aikido with it.
A completely non contentious nage will control a resistant uke because resistance needs something to resist against. This is not easy to master, it is (for me at least) why we train, to become more profficient at taking any type of attack and leading it to a conclusion.

It is up to each individual teacher to instill good ukemi skills in their students, the sooner that the 'resistant' tendancies are picked up on the better. The resistant uke cannot follow with the speed and sensitivity required to 'feel' the 'holes' in nage's technique.

Sure, there is a place for 'controlled resistance' in training but IMO this should only be done once the skills of good ukemi are ingrained, ( usually quite a long time ) Beginners find it hard enough as it is to grasp the concepts of non-resistance, without getting confused with the sometimes it's ok to resist sometimes it isn't.

Just a few thoughts.



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