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Amir Krause
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Re: Randori, Sempai and experiences

Don Magee

I think you are right, my problem is once again on the how to do this in Aikido Randori, I believe there is a significant difference since the range is such that one does not grab the other and the control has to be imposed without touching

Szczepan Janczuk

I guess I am not up to your standard. At least I was not that evening. As I wrote, I did not have much difficulty in throwing him, but I would not say I did not feel his resistance, I did feel it, and did have to go around it from time to time.
I am coming to think part of the problem was this was supposed to be en-randori, not full resistance fighting exercise, and it became the latter rather then the first.
And no, no hard feelings. If I wish to improve, I should understand my weaknesses first.

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