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Oh my what a night

So I went to train tonight and the dojo is usually open about an hour before class, well we got there early and no one was there sensei finally showed up about 15 min before class, So myself, and three other students show up, well one has been training for about a month the other two months and the third 2 weeks, so sensei asks me to lead warm-ups so I did, and then we went on with shikko and ukemi, well about 15 mins later sensei says that he is exhausted and asked if I would mind teaching(yeah thats right) the class, nothing major just Ikkyo and nikkyo and maybe somthing a little more fun later on, so I taught and it was great, apparenty I did really well which I am pretty damn proud of especially for just being thrown into it, We ended up doing ikkyo, nikkyo, Kotegaiesh(I know I butchered that) and finall kokyu was a fun night and everyone seemed to enjoy the was an all around good night!

Dan Hulley
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