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Re: Randori, Sempai and experiences

Since you asked, I'll tell you what would be my expectations for student with 15 years experience against 1 year experience.
Full resistance randori is very difficult for everybody. Normally one does his best, and it is impossible to give him good advice. It is very valuable practice and should be done as often as possible.

However, the difference in experience between you both is too much. He should be no match for you at all. It is your entire fault to create situation when he could make ANY resistance. I would see you rather playing with him, as father play with his child. Doesn't matter he was using a lot of primitif strenght or not, you should contol him even before attack starts.

As a uke, I'd expect after 15 years of practice to take ANY ukemi from 1 year experiences tori without even notice that he wants to do some technique faster or more powerful. Again, you should control him at any level, at any moment, your capacity of 'taking' must be bigger than his capacity of 'giving'. Then you will not need to be angry, to slamm him, do resist, counters or do other tryvial things. You suppose to be at completly different level, far above all those small tricks.

Don't be angry at me, that is not personal attack on you.


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