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Re: Randori, Sempai and experiences

Man I hate that kind of randori - it makes for difficult training at best and a waste of time (so to speak) at worst. I certainly appreciate your frustration with your partner and have experienced that situation before.

It sounds like your instructor was chastizing you because he/she felt you are capable of addressing your partner's issues and providing the tutleage to repair your partner's mistakes, which is a positive thought. Take the criticism with a positive spin and go from there. As for suggestions to address this issue in the future, I always look for what I am doing wrong first, then I communicate my reponse to my partner.

In the scenario posted I would first address the issue of jerking motion (very common in new student). When I cross a street, I calculate the speed of vehicles and the intentions of a driver by their action. I would be comfortable walking in front of a car deccelerating at a consistance rate while approaching a traffic light and remaining within their traffic lane. I would not be comfortable walking in front of a car was was driving at an inconsistent speed and swerving between lanes. My partner's erractic action implies that that do not have control of their body in the fashion my swerving driver does not have control of their vehicle. Your partner's erractic behavior is telling you "Stay away! I can't control myself!" Tell your partner "I don't feel comfortable doing anything because you are communicating that you can't control your actions." Then look to explain why your partner should slow down to better control their body. I prefer the "Danger Will Robinson!" robot quote from Lost in Space...

Sometimes our actions don't communicate our intentions to our partner (are you listening?). You might have been burying your partner, but unless your partner understands that your waza is communicating an incorrect action, your partner will only perceive your "gift" as a hard workout, not an instructional tool.

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