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Re: Advice from your sensei.

David Skaggs wrote:
I would like to know some of the advice that your senseis have given you. It does not have to be the "best advice' but advice that has had a positive effect on you. If you could also please say how long ago the advice was given.

My first sensei, approximately 20 years ago, told me, " You ask too many questions, just shut up and do it." This was before the Nike commercial.

LOL! I think both of my teachers would say that to me too! My sensei back in the states has given me advice by way of a story. This is meant to show the attitude of someone who wants to make budo a way of life I think.
Our lineage comes from a family style of jujutsu. The father of my sensei's sensei was close to death and his son didn't want to train so he could stay with him instead. His father told him he must train. When he came back he had passed away.
This has always struck me deeply. On one hand, a day of training seems paltry compared to the final moments of a loved one's life. On the other hand, considering a person who has lived a full life and the dedication one might want to have with regard to continuous self-improvement/refinement, I can see how it might be considered more important to focus on living life as best you can, even in the face of death.
After the death of my own father, this story has held deeper meaning. For quite a while I became somewhat frozen...I stopped moving forward in life. Now, I think it's important we always strive in that forwardly direction; toward positive growth, even when faced with the threat of profoundly sad or otherwise negative things.

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