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Amir Krause
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Re: Poll: Which of the following attacks is the most difficult for you to handle during aikido training?

Generally, it is not the attack rather some attackers, that can make my life difficult. We have a very gifted student in the dojo, in addition to his being Shodan in Korindo Aikido, he is also sandan in Karate, and when he attacks, he tracks so long as he can, which requires very exact timing or the punch will hit.

If one insists on attacks, I would go with kicks, and mostly, low short kicks to the knee. Some use these attacks as their main atemi in Randori and I find it very difficult to turn those attacks into a vulnerability. I find all kicks are harder to track to to insufficient practice (when I had the time, I practiced TKD in addition partially to get used to reading these attacks).

And if one must discuss hand techniques, I find the jab or front hand punch (the Japanese name just skipped my mind) as the most difficult. Again, the problem is mostly time and commitment, this attack would normally be set from short distance and without much commitment.

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