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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Salaam Khaled! I keep asking myself those questions as well. Here are some of my answers:
From my short experience, some Dojos may not teach Aikido as a self defense first and foremost. But every kind of Aikido teaches you to be alert, calm, and roll away to safety when needed, which is most of the times a better solution than standing ground and fighting. So even if it's not geared towards self defense, it might actually be more effective than you can think or measure.

But not all dojos are like that. My instructor is big on self defense, and he says that O'Sensei was one of the greatest warriors of his time, and undefeated. He formulated this Martial Art, used it succesfuly, his students used it succesfuly, so who can claim it doesn't work?

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